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Organic Cotton Cultivation: A Revolution in Agriculture
Organic Cotton Cultivation: A Revolution in AgricultureAbhiram Bhoi says – " Vedanta has helped me dream big. I have grown cotton organically in eight acres of land earning Rs. 23,000, against Rs. 7000 that I earned earlier from pulse cultivation." Project Jaibik, Organic Cotton Cultivation was initiated under the sustainable livelihood initiatives to facilitate farmers to grow cotton organically which entailed using cultural practices, bio fertilizers and biological pest controls rather than inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. Traditionally the farmers were engaged in Cotton cultivation. More »
Rashtriya Swasthy Bima Yojana (RSBY) launched at Vedanta Hospital on World TB Day
Rashtriya Swasthy Bima Yojana (RSBY) launched at Vedanta Hospital on World TB DayVedanta Limited, Lanjigarh observed World TB Day on March 24, 2014 at Vedanta Hospital to increase public awareness on tuberculosis. With around 1.7 million people dying of this disease every year, there is a strong need to spread awareness, the company believes. On this occasion, Vedanta Limited Limited, Lanjigarh launched the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) at Vedanta Hospital. The hospital has been empaneled as one of the centers for RSBY scheme in Lanjigarh block. More »
Nua Mana Nua Sapana
Nua Mana Nua SapanaRayagada Police during the year 2010 launched a unique project named “Nua Mana Nua Sapana” (new thoughts, new dreams) in the district. The project aims at developing better connect between police and the general public thus facilitating police to counter effectively security threat in Maoist affected areas of the district with support and cooperation of the local people. This is an annual event wherein tribal students from schools of different Maoist-affected areas of the district from different schools participate. More »
Kindling Change By A Rural Woman
Kindling Change By A Rural WomanTwelve women of Basantpada village came forward to form a Self Help Group in June 2005. At first these women showed no interest in saving money regularly. But after continuous dialogue with them, we were able to convince them to come for the group meetings and save Rs. 100/- per month. Within six months they had Rs. 7,200/- in its account.The group then started inter-loaning among the group members at 15% interest per annum. They started income generating activities like stitching leaf plates and rice husking. More »
Women self-help group of NVN
Women self-help group of NVNMaa Budhima Women Self Help Group is one of the most active SHG’s in Niyamgiri Vedanta Nagar (NVN), a small township built by VL for project displaced families. The Group earned popularity by making Phenyl at NVN from 1st June, 2005. Bilasini Suna , the president, runs the group which meets regularly, ensuring participation of all the members for phenyl production, regular savings and purchasing of raw materials like Pine Oil, Soap oil, PGN, Perfume and Plastic bottle etc. The formation of the SHG has led to strong social bonds, More »
Creating Community Assets for Agricultural Development
Creating Community Assets for Agricultural DevelopmentFor over two years, farmers of Chhatrapur village struggled to cultivate their fields. The setback occurred when two Lift Irrigation Points provided by Government broke down and became defunct. The LI Points were the only source of water for irrigation in these hilly areas. Failing crops due to lack of adequate water supply brought in misery and hardship. Immediate intervention was necessary to revive these LI Points to help the farmers increase the agricultural productivity.    More »
Janak Sahu: From Subsistence to Cash Crop Farming
Janak Sahu: From Subsistence to Cash Crop FarmingJanak Sahu is from Harekrushnapur village, situated around 7 kms away from the VL project site in Lanjigarh Block. The only bread earner of his family, consisting of his wife, a son aged 14 and himself, he makes a living from agriculture. He owns around 3.5 acres of land and used to practice single cropping i.e. paddy, during kharif season. The land lay fallow the rest of the year. His annual household income was less than Rs. 25,000/-.    More »
Orientation Program On Marigold Cultivation & Mushroom Farming To Rural Women
Creating Community Assets for Agricultural DevelopmentWith an objective to orient the rural women on marigold cultivation and motivate them to take up the ‘Income Generating Activities’ (IGA) as their additional source of Livelihood, Vedanta CSR in partnership with its implementing NGO partner ‘Access Development Services’ organized an orientation program on Marigold cultivation and Paddy Straw Mushroom farming under its livelihood project ‘Vedanta Integrated Jana Jivika Yojana’.    More »
Doorstep Health Tips:Health Camps In Our Peripherial Villages
Creating Community Assets for Agricultural DevelopmentAs part of its Corporate Social Responsibility plan to create a healthier society through improved preventive measures around the project area, the VL CSR team organized a series of Blood Pressure and Diabetes awareness camps in five peripheral villages like Purna, Brundamal, Katikela, Bhurkamunda & Maa Samaleswari Nagar in the month of September 2013.     More »
Think Media Csr Practices Award 2013 To Vedanta Limited
Creating Community Assets for Agricultural DevelopmentOur CSR initiatives found due recognition at the “Think Media INC. Best CSR Practices award 2013” ceremony held in Raipur on 8th Oct, 2013. Vedanta Limited won the recognition in the field of ‘Women Empowerment’ & ‘Community Development Initiatives’.    More »
Leading The Way At R&R Colony—Purushottam Banchhor
Creating Community Assets for Agricultural DevelopmentUnder its CSR livelihood initiatives Vedanta Limited. in partnership with village community has opened up tailoring training centers in its peripheral villages. The primary objective is to generate self-employment and empower women of this area. On 31st Oct 2013 a tailoring training unit was inaugurated at R&R colony by Mr. Purusottam Banchoor, a senior member of R&R colony.    More »
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