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Sustainability Policy
As a socially responsible entity, Vedanta Limited has endeavoured to promote living standards and cultural development in the Jharsuguda district. Several corporate social initiatives have been implemented to bring about a tangible positive difference in the spheres of health, education, livelihood, infrastructure and natural surroundings. The areas addressed lie within 20 km radius of the plant site and include villages of Bhurkamunda, Banjari, Kurebaga, Bhagipalli, Brundamal, Maa Samleswari Nagar, Katikela, Gudigaon and Siriapalli. With a vision to integrate the neighbouring people with the organization's growth path, Vedanta Limited has forged a bond with them through mutual trust and respect.
Health is an inextricable part of existence. To foster better health and sanitation, VL spearheaded some major health care projects More »
VL proposes to make education easily accessible to project affected families of the core peripheral villages. To empower the local community More »
VL has strived to support and generate sustainable livelihood opportunities in farm and non-farm sector for the rural community in Jharsuguda. More »
VL has partnered with village level contractors to facilitate better infrastructure in the villages bordering Jharsuguda district. More »
As an environmentally aware corporate, VL has sought measures to protect the natural surroundings that encompass the plant site... More »
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