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Health Initiatives
VAL is committed to the advancement of health standards of local communities in Lanjigarh and surrounding villages. The following schemes have been undertaken by the firm to promote health standards of the people.
Aarogya - A Healing Touch
Reaching out to over 65,000 patients from over 150 villages with medical facilities every month. Monthly Mega health camps are organised to provide the best of medical services to the community. Mobile Health Units (MHUs) provides medical facilities and medicines free of cost at the doorstep in over 50 villages every month. Awareness camps are regularly conducted in the villages on preventive measures on topical diseases, best practices in maintaining health and knowledge-sharing on other health initiatives. Our 20 bedded Vedanta Hospital reaches. Zero malarial death cases have been reported as a result of preventive and curative efforts by the unit.
Cataract Camps and Operations
For the old age people from the community Vedanta organizes cataract operation camp every year. So far, we have achieved 100% successful operations for over 200 patients from community in FY 2019-20.
Malaria Control Drive
VAL’s health projects have been instrument in arresting the scourge of malaria in Langijarh and surrounding villages. Under the Malaria Control Drive, which covered 40 adjoining villages, blood samples were collected with the help of expert technicians. Bleaching powder was sprinkled in the surrounding areas and drains. Awareness camps were held, where free medicines were distributed to malaria affected patients.
Health Check-Up Camp
In order to promote the health condition of children, VAL organises Health Camps with specialist doctors. The objective of the camps is to provide specialized cures for water borne diseases which children are generally prone to.
Sanitation Drive
VAL spreads awareness among the community about better health & hygiene through Sanitation Drives in villages bordering the plant site. The surroundings are cleaned with the help of villagers and drains are constructed.
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