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Vedanta Limited Limited - Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the 'CODE')
This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the 'Code') is a reference document outlining the standard code of conduct for Vedanta Limited Limited (the 'Company') and for its directors, officers and employees.

The Code is for internal compliance and does not create, nor shall it be construed to create, directly or implicitly, any rights, duties or obligations of the Company to any person, body or legal entity.
Antitrust Guidance Notes
Antitrust Guidance Notes (Guidance Notes) contains the guidance on the Vedanta Group‟s (the Group) commitment for antitrust law compliance.
Supplier Code of Conduct
This Supplier Code is applicable to all 'Suppliers' ('Suppliers' here in refers to suppliers / Vendors / agents / consultants / contractors / joint venture partners / third parties) who have business relationship with 'Vedanta' ('Vedanta' herein refers to the company and any its subsidiaries)
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