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Vedanta Logo
The Vedanta logo comprises of the symbol and the corporate name in a fixed relation with each other. One without the other is incomplete in depicting the true nature and meaning of the organization. Hence, the usage of the logo must be fixed.
Vedanta Name
The name Vedanta originates from the philosophy taught by the Vedas, the most ancient scriptures of India. The word ‘Vedanta’ means ‘ultimate knowledge’ and helps an individual gain the knowledge of his or her intrinsic self. This knowledge helps individuals lead the life of peace, harmony and bliss. It is a dynamic, sustained and healthy mechanism which enhances surging ahead and going global following the doctrine of karma. This essence of philosophy has been extracted to define the Vedanta logo and adoption of the Vedanta name. Vedanta Resources plc. has its very foundation resting on this belief, of the ‘ultimate knowledge’ and realization of the business in creating a world class diversified resources group and building an organization, people are proud to be associated with.
The design concept is drawn from the nature of the business. The symbol is circular, representing the global nature of Vedanta as a corporate organization while simultaneously standing for the representation of the earth, from where our product and business existence originates. The colours of the symbol have been carefully selected. The logo orange, an earthy colour, complements the symbolic representation of the earth. The blue coloured lines in the center depict the approximate strata of the earth, from where metals are mined. Together, the two colours constitute Vedanta's business in metals and mining, and the organization's vision of building up a world class diversified resources group.
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