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Sustainability Report
Vedanta Limited has strived to support and generate sustainable livelihood opportunities in farm and non-farm sector for the rural community in Jharsuguda. The key objective is to raise the standard of living by increasing household income.
Subhalaxmi Cooperative Society
Vedanta promoted one of the largest all women cooperative society in the region i.e. Subhalaxmi Bahumukhee Mahila Samabaya Samiti Ltd. The cooperative was the product of one of the most innovative and unique model of livelihood promotion project called 'Vedanta Integrated Jana Jivika Yojana (VIJJY)'. This project aimed at providing sustainable livelihoods solutions to the poor communities who have been a part of this plant's establishment process. This initiative was implemented with the technical support of ACCESS Development Services. So far it has covered 50 villages of Jharsuguda district covering 2739 families. Presently it has been registered under Odisha Cooperative Society Act 1962 as per the instruction issued by the Registrar of Cooperative society. The cooperative provides various capacity building supports, business development services (BDS) as well as financial services to its members for augmenting their diversified livelihoods. Promotion of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Service Trades, Petty business and vending are some of the prioritized activities taken up by the project. Vegetable farming, mushroom cultivation, marigold cultivation, puffed rice units, paper plate units, poultry farming, goatary and phenyl making are some of the highly remunerative ventures taken up by the members. Till now Subhalaxmi has promoted more than 2010 micro entrepreneurs in its operational villages.
PAP training
Under this programme, VAL intended to equip the rural community to adopt alternate means of employment. For this vocational training was provided to adults at Jharsuguda Engineering School. Six different technical and non-technical trades were taught. People have shown faith in the project and participation was overwhelming. 90 trainees were identified after conducting performance tests.

Beside this VL has provided direct employment to 74 villagers who were also partially affected project establishment phase.
Looking ahead
Vedanta Limited is looking to promote group based small and medium enterprises, land and water management, village specific development initiatives in partnership with repute development agencies.
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