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Business Overview
The Lanjigarh alumina refinery is equipped with state of the art facilities which not only meet global benchmarks but also offer VL a competitive edge in producing diverse products that cater to a wide variety of industrial segments. The plant is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified unit with an annual capacity of 1 mt. The refinery commands a high plant availability factor of 92% and is driven by self sustained power supply from the 75 MW captive power plant. Aided by modern infrastructure, the Lanjigarh refinery is well connected by rail, road and port. VL has leveraged its superior technological competence to set up automatic vertical filters for liquor filtration, gas suspension calciners and automatic direct loading of alumina into railway wagons, bulkers and bags. The entire production process is harnessed by an advanced centrally controlled system.

Vedanta Limited Limited, (VL), is also the first Mining & Metal Industry in the country to get accreditation for its Energy Management System for ISO 50001:2011 from the British Standards Institution, for efficiently managing the existing natural resources and mitigating the impact of climate change, at its Lanjigarh Unit in Orissa.
World Class Practices
VL ensures that world class practices constitute the blueprint of all processes that are executed in the Lanjigarh refinery. The basic process is designed by Worely Parsons, a leading global provider of professional services to the energy, resource and complex process industries.

VL procures premium quality bauxite that adapts to low temperature and pressure digestion thereby reducing cost of production by a significant margin. Implementing new wave technology, VL invests in high rate deep cone thickeners for settling/washing, which aids better caustic recovery. Diaster Filters are employed for polishing liquor along with gas suspension calciners to ascertain international quality alumina.

Entwining infrastructural excellence with environmental sustainability, the Lanjigarh refinery is connected to the captive mines by an environment friendly pipe conveyor. Red Mud and Ash disposal ponds are in use for High Concentration Slurry Disposal (HCSD).
Safety Measures
Health and Safety is of foremost priority and keeping in line with the Vedanta Group’s objectives, VL seeks to achieve zero fatalities and injuries at Lanjigarh. The alumina refinery is periodically subjected to both internal and external audits and is OHSAS 18001 certified. After assessment, the management undertakes training and disaster management plans to eliminate risks. Several initiatives like traffic safety and contractor safety management are taken to facilitate a robust and transparent safety score card that is benchmarked with global peers.

To address core concerns of occupational health, VL employs a team of experts who regularly examine the health condition of employees and contract workmen. Blood tests, audiometric tests, spirometry tests and chest x-rays are periodically conducted to avert occupational health hazards and foster a safe work environment.
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