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Business Overview
The current production capacity of VL is 0.5 MTPA, which is expected to expand significantly by 2012. The company has outlined major product diversification plans for the current financial year.

Going ahead, VL would diversify its product portfolio and strive to maintain a dynamic product mix. Following the overall demand pattern for different composites of aluminium, the production line has been diversified and includes ingots, billets and wire rods. Ingot, being the chief offering, would form 75 percent of the portfolio followed by billets (13 percent) and wire rods (12 percent).

VL’s products have witnessed an increasing demand from secondary manufacturers, who deliver their products to key industries including power, construction, defence and metal powder units. Within the power sector, cable and conductor manufacturers are the chief consumers of VL’s products. While solid conductors require aluminium and aluminium alloys, stranded conductors need aluminum-clad steel.

Construction, defence and manufacturers of bus bodies sources products from extrusion manufacturers, who are supplied by VL. Aluminium extruded, rolled, and cast products are widely used for window frames and other glazed structures.

A number of metal powder units supplying their products to sectors like paints and fireworks are dependent on VL’s superior product offerings. VL’s products find their way to the transport and logistics sector in form of primary materials used for bus-body building. In addition to this, VL’s products are used by secondary rolled manufacturers, who in turn supply boiler manufacturers and packaging units among others.
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