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Business Overview
VL’s operations at Jharsuguda are driven by the objective of promoting self-directed high performance work teams who are equipped with multiple skills. The firm aims to enhance employee productivity by deploying total quality management (TQM) techniques and embedding awareness about quality in all plant processes.

VL maintains high quality standards in each of its operations and the greenfield 0.5 mtpa aluminium smelting plant at Jharsuguda, Orissa is no exception to the continuous pursuit of excellence. VL’s mission is to set technology benchmarks for others and establish the smelter as the epitome of exceptional operations and process management. The smelter sources power from the 1215 MW captive power plant, which facilitates smooth operations. It meets the high quality standards and advanced technical specifications of British Standard Institute (BSI) thereby making it an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified unit.

The different operational areas of the plant include the green anode, bake oven, rodding shop, Potline 1 and 2, casthouse and the laboratory. The potlines consist of 608 pots, operate at 320 kA and have a cumulative capacity of 0.5 mtpa. The carbon plant has a capacity of 0.3 mtpa while the two green anodes with capacities of 35 TPH each facilitate the smelting process. The rodding shop has a capacity of 80 anodes per hour.

In addition to this, construction of 1.1 mtpa aluminium smelter expansion project at Jharsuguda is under process. The company intends to expand the fully integrated aluminium smelting capacity to around 2.6 mtpa in near future.
VL prides itself on the timely completion of projects and maximization of plant capacity utilization. Since the commencement of the greenfield smelter project at Jharsuguda, the firm has achieved a number of exemplary operational milestones, which have facilitated adherence to timelines and quality standards.
World Class Practices
VL uses leading-edge statistical tools like Six Sigma, RCA, FMEA, Parato, DOE for improved data management at the Jharsuguda plant. SAP is implemented for resource planning, maintenance, productions and quality supervision. The Asset Optimization Score Card helps in monitoring plant performance stringently.

The firm conducts extremely effective internal as well as external audits of plant safety measures and practices. The unit’s collective good health and protection is looked into by the concerned senior management enabling the firm to live up to its OHSAS 18001 certification.

VL strives to align its business practices with the goal of promoting sustainable development and emphasizes on protection of natural surroundings through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).
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