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Business Overview
Vedanta Limited., an associate company of diversified resources group Vedanta Resources Plc, leverages its strategic location and cutting edge technology to deliver world class products. Operative in Orissa, which has huge bauxite and coal reserves, VL leverages its accessibility to cheap, skilled labour and vast captive mineral resources to work out a favourably low production cost structure. This is in line with Vedanta Resources’ objective of claiming a position in the top decile of global low cost aluminium producers. VL’s diversified and de-risked project development strategy and its fully integrated operational structure, which includes mining to smelting/refining and power generation, equips it to meet the growing global and domestic demand for aluminium.
Global and Domestic Markets
VL is positioned to make a significant contribution to global aluminium demand, which is expected to increase substantially over the next few years. The rapid growth of the emerging nations led by China and India and the concomitant growth in aluminium demand in these countries is expected to benefit VL. Aluminium consumption in BRIC nations alone is expected to increase at a CAGR of 9% over the period 2007-2020 while global aluminium consumption is anticipated to more than double from 38 mt to 78.5 mt over the same period. India’s demand for aluminium is expected to touch 2.5 mt by 2015.

India is positioned to become one of the world’s largest producers of aluminium, with the 5th largest reserves of bauxite globally of 2.3 billion tonnes and the 4th largest reserves of coal worldwide of over 250 billion tonnes. The domestic market is currently growing at a robust pace, which augurs well for VL. The firm would benefit from the continued market expansion, which would help it tap a wide range of new business segments. Increasing investments in the Indian power sector coupled with rising consumerism have driven growth in industries such as packaging and consumer durables. VL, with its superior product portfolio, is competitively positioned to take a lead in catering to these industries. Proximity to high growth markets of Asia and Middle East, and the co-location of abundant bauxite and coal are added advantages for the firm.
The Orissa Opportunity
VL is located in the heart of Orissa, which has abundant mineral reserves including bauxite and coal. The state has as much as 1.7 billion tonnes of the country’s total 3.3 billion tonnes of bauxite reserves. The optimal location of VL affords an easy reach to recoverable bauxite deposits of over 900 mt within 60 km radius of Lanjigarh, the location of its greenfield alumina refinery. The bauxite variety here boasts of low reactive silica content, adaptability to low temperature and low pressure digestion, which entail low cost and high quality alumina production. VL is further aided by availability of ample reserves of coal (62 billion tonnes) and low cost of power generation.
VL- Uniquely Positioned to Deliver
With a highly qualified and technologically advanced research and development wing, VL has acquired comprehensive expertise at producing high quality products. Supported by state of art facilities, competitive intelligence and resource utilisation, VL takes pride in an unparalleled track record of project delivery and implementation. The firm benefits from teams with proven project handling expertise which hugely reduces risk of execution. This ensures strict adherence to international time and cost benchmarks, which raises VL above competitors. The experienced in-house project management teams have implemented the 1.0 mtpa alumina refinery and the associated 75 MW captive power plant at Lanjigarh and 0.5 mtpa greenfield aluminium smelter with a 1215 MW captive power plant at Jharsuguda.
Projects and Products
VL is making huge investments to expand capacities of existing plants in order to address growing industry demand. Expansion of the Jharsuguda aluminium smelter plays a pivotal role in VL’s growth strategy. The firm has started construction of a new 1.1 mtpa aluminium smelter at Jharsuguda which would expand smelting capacity from 0.5 mtpa to 1.6 mtpa in near future. For this, VL has channelised funds towards the commissioning of additional units of power.

At Lanjigarh, plans have been made to enhance capacity of the alumina refinery from 1 mtpa to 5 mtpa. In addition to this, total captive power generation capacity is also expected to be increased to 300 MW in near future.

Responding to the global demand pattern for aluminium, VL has recently diversified its product portfolio to cater to a wide range of industrial sectors. VL specialised in manufacturing aluminium ingots until 2008-09. The firm has now extended its production proficiency in the field of billets and wire rods though ingots remain the chief product offering.
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